RE-Elect Senator Karnes

It is shaping up to be an exciting year in West Virginia. We get the chance to re-elect President Trump and Senator Capito, send our three Republican members of the US House of Representatives back so they can continue to oppose the radical, hyper-partisan democrat majority and here at home we can continue the Republican Revolution we started in 2014.

It goes without saying the democrats in Washington have stooped to a new low by conducting a shamelessly one-sided impeachment process in the house. Fortunately, the Republican controlled US Senate is not going to allow the logrolling of the entire nation by this brazen group of crooked politicians. For the first time in US history a US President has been impeached by a gang of shameless partisans who made it clear even before the President was in office that they were going to impeach him. Even before he could have abused his office, they determined they would find a crime even if they had to invent it. Make no mistake, the democrat party in America is not the party of JFK or FDR. We have a democrat party that is obsessed with dictating every facet of American life. They have embraced every form of moral debauchery and insist under penalty of law that every American follow them into the abyss. For them freedom is the only dirty word.

For West Virginians this has been an awakening. Voters who have been loyal 5th, 6th and even 10th generation democrats aren’t “feeling the Bern,” they are feeling the betrayal. The barely concealed disdain for everything American and the attacks on their God-given rights in places as far as California and as close as Virginia, have led moderate and conservative West Virginia Democrat voters to join hands with independents and Republicans to change the WV statehouse and West Virginia’s future.

With your support I was privileged to be a part of the first in 84 years generation of Republican majority legislators in 2014. Since 2014 we have made great strides toward improving West Virginia’s economy, advanced the cause of freedom and we’ve begun laying the groundwork for a school system that respects our teachers, offers real opportunity for our students and gives hope to the next generation.

Since 2014 I have tirelessly pushed the conservative cause in West Virginia. Helping to create the environment that has put West Virginia at the top of economic growth in the country for several quarters, helped us lead the nation in wage growth. Advanced our 2nd amendment rights, protected voters from tax and spend liberal politicians. I am particularly proud to have been a coauthor of Amendment 1 which put an end to taxpayer funded abortion in WV.

It has been a great start but there is much more to do.

After much thought and prayer and discussion with family and friends I have decided to seek a second term in the West Virginia State Senate.

We have a real threat in the 11th district state senate race but we will not allow another big government, gun-grabbing Bernie Sanders supporter a chance to stop our progress. We see in Virginia the true radical anti-growth, anti-freedom democrat plan and we don’t need their short-sighted, job killing freedom crushing policies in West Virginia.

With your support I will continue working to Improve Education, Protect Freedom and Grow Jobs.

Thank you,


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